Class PHP 103

Create a PHP workspace:

Scroll down to learn how this is done.

Start by going to

Click the "Download" button

Select your operating system

The download should begin

Once completed run the download file to install it on your system

Run Local

Running local should present the following

Click the Plus symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Click the continue button

Type in a name for your workspace (eg: php-workspace)

Click Continue

Choose your environment - select Custom

Set up the wordpress site

Enter a username, password and email address

And click Add Site

Remove the WordPress files

Click the Go to site folder link just under the php-workspace title

The link currently opens minimized

So you have to open it from the task bar after clicking the link

Double click the app folder

Double click the public folder

Select all the files and delete them

With your favorite editor create an index.php file and save it in this location.

echo "<center><h2>Welcome to my PHP Workspace</h2></center>";

Navigate back to localwp

Click the Open Site button

And you should see the following

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