Class WordPress 101 Editing

Introducing WordPress:

Create a free account and website

Scroll down to learn how this is done.

Go to

Click the "Get started" button

Create your first website

Type in a word or a phrase that describes your business

Choose from the suggestions that appear to select the best address for your needs.

Notice that one of the suggestions will be free however the select button is not highlighted but you can still select it

Choose your flavor of WordPress

We are going to choose the Free plan.

Choose your goals

We are going to choose Write & Publish and Promote myself or business

And click continue

Type in a name for your site

Type a name and a tagline

And click continue

Lets choose a design

Click the View Designs button to the right of Choose a design 

For this example I chose the Awburn design

Click on the Awburn design to select it

Notice the right side

This displays a preview of the site.

Above the sample are icons to select desktop, tablet, or phone views of the site. You can scroll down to see the entire page.

Once you have decided click continue.

You can look at the sample I made here View Sample

Additional resources in WordPress